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We have an active community Discord where we post frequent development updates, chat with the community, and hold events! Hop in, ask questions, and chat with the devs!

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Dive into an immersive world

Asteria is a world filled to the brim with mystery, magic, and breathtaking biomes. Discover how this world was made and all of the things its inhabitants have left for you to find over its creation!

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Save Asteria

Asteria is undergoing an invasion, a rift has opened and the demons seek to destroy everything. The corruption within civilization worsens as the demons' miasma poisons the world. Do you have what it takes to save Asteria?

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Asteria is in active development with work being done daily.

Active Development Posts

Posts are made very often within the Asteria community Discord discussing what has been changed and added to the game, come join us and read more!

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Learn more about who is working on Asteria!

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Press Kit

If you would like access to high quality images to post about Asteria, you can find all of that here.

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Modding SDK

Asteria has been built to be fully moddable by its community, take a look at our documentation and come create some awesome content!

Modding Documentation